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If you need an owners manual or an other assembly manual, please send request by e-mail to


Where are the numbers I need to give to customer service?The model number and date code are locaated on the back of the insert.  The SKU number is on the front of your owners manual or on your receipt.

Where can i get an assembly manual for my fireplace?  Please e-mail and request it.It will be sent to your e-mail address.

Do you have a service dept? No we don't, but we send good instuctions for you to replace parts.

I bought my fireplace from Finger-hut and my insert did not come with the mantle. Fingerhut sends the mantle and insert separate and it may take a couple days to get it.

I bought my fireplace at Fingerhut, and when it arrived the one of the pieces was scratched up. We do not manufacture the cabinets, we manufacture just the insert on the fingerhut units.  Pls call Fingerhut

I bought my fireplace at Lowe's, and I need to talk to someone. Please call customer service 925-829-8478 or e-mail

The model number on the back of the insert starts with GW. This insert was manufactured by Great World. There number is 1-888-878-8820

I bought my fireplace at Sam's Club and I have a problem. Please call 1-866-949-3838

The lights are not working, I don't have a flame. Open the back of the insert and look down, you will see the light bulbs, they are regular 40 watt light bulbs with the small base. You can buy them anywhere.

The flames on my fireplace are upside down. You need a new motor. You can purchase a motor on our website or contact customer service 925-820-8478 or

I bought my fireplace over a year ago and I need replacement parts. We have a one year warranty.You can order replacement parts on our website

My fireplace was working fine, and then it just stopped working and won't turn back on. Unplug the fireplace and let it set for about 30 min, then plug it into the wall outlet directly, with nothing else plugged in that socket. Do not use an extension cord or surge protector. Now set the temp to 90 degrees and set the timer for 2 hours.

My fireplace is making a noise Take the back off the insert and check to and see if you can tell where the noise is coming from. There is a metal bar with aluminum feathers on it. If the metal bar has fallen, just pick it up , straighten it out and put it back in the holes where it belongs. If the noise is coming from the motor, or from the heating element, you can order replacement parts on our website febolimited .com. If your fireplace is still under warranty, please call customer service at 925-820-8478.

How long is the warranty on the inserts? We have a one year warranty.

Can i purchase an extended warranty?  No we do not offer that.

Can I purchase just the insert? Yes, you can purchase an insert by going to our website

My fireplace didn't come with instructions, how can I get an owners manual? Please contact

I lost my remote control, how can I get a replacement? You can order one at or by calling customer service.

I just bought my fireplace, and I'm having problems. The instructions say don't take it back to the store, to contact you.You can return it to the store for exchange or refund in the with in the first 30 days.

If you recently experienced an electrical storm, or power surge, your light bulbs might blow. Try replacing the light bulbs first. Regular 40 watt bulbs with a small base. If that doesn't solve the problem, try unplugging it for 1/2 hour, then plug back into a diffrent outlet. This will reset it. or  call 925-820-8478.


















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